Talkeetna Ghost Walk


Coming in June 2014!

Join Talkeetna Cottages owner and Ghosts of Talkeetna author Sarah Birdsall for a Talkeetna walk on the ghostly side. Find out which houses or businesses in the main townsite are considered haunted and hear the stories associated with each. What did the owner of the Talkeetna Motel see one dark and lonely night? What happens when old music plays in the Talkeetna Roadhouse on a New Year’s Eve Blue Moon? And who walks the stairs of an old cabin along the historic village airstrip? Learn all this and more when you take a walk into Talkeetna’s haunted history!

Rates: $10 per person

Meeting time/place TBA


Books by Sarah Birdsall:

Ghosts of Talkeetna (Northern Nights Press): True tales of ghostly encounters in Talkeetna, Alaska.

The Red Mitten (McRoy & Blackburn): An award winning novel of loss and redemption set in Western Alaska.

The Moon and the Night (under the pseudonym Sarah Somebody): Werewolves, Alaska, young love. A young adult Kindle ebook.